#1206 Lesson 14 File Update for the Image Recognition Model

#7071R Tip for a smooth ride on Roller Coaster

#1206 Vision AI Platform Adjustment

#1187 MATH TOWER 3D (Advanced Challenges and Answers)

#1246R(#1203) ROBOTICS WORKSHOP 2.0

#1247R(#1204RR) S4A PROGRAMMING BLOCKS (Installation Process)


#1269 micro:bit COMPATIBLE ROBOTS

How to use Gigo’s bulb holders

World Life app for Android  Termination Support Service Description

[Learning Lab Teacher's Guide]

Learning Lab is designed as a modularized learning framework that aims to cover a full spectrum of science subjects while providing the required flexibility to comply with different countries schooling and curriculum systems. To learn more about the system, please click here for the introductory brochure.
The Teacher's Guide mainly explains how teachers can apply it to school curriculum and suggests the lesson plans by time distribution. Only available in a digital format, please click here to download.
Smart Manual

Gigo will re-launch the new version of the Smart Manual App on iOS and Android mobile platforms - Smart Manual Web Service ( SMWS )

Example for SMWS                            
Model:Metal Detector