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● Learn all about solar power, and how solar cells work.
● Build 10 exciting solar powered models, including cars, a helicopter, a scooter, a drone, and more!
● Go fully solar powered, or use the innovative battery holder to charge a AA (HR6/KR6) battery so you can run your models at night.

Category: Technical Bricks, Green Energy


This set covers all the key information for learning about solar power. Use the solar panel to power your models directly, or charge a battery so you can run them on a rainy day. The solar panel in this kit generates up to 3 volts of electricity in direct sunlight and can easily be repositioned.
Learn about optimal angles for solar panels, by trying to get maximum exposure. After you’ve had fun building the suggested models, try designing your own! Compete with your friends to see whose solar-powered vehicle runs the fastest, or goes the furthest!

Additional Information

DIMENSIONS 370 x 290 x 80 mm
AGE 8+