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● Build a pneumatic glove that launches foam darts
● Learn about pneumatics and the physics of air pressure
● Adjusts to fit almost any hand size

Category: Technical Bricks, Experiments


Have a blast with this awesome engineering project!

Construct an air-powered robotic glove that launches safe foam darts. Learn about pneumatics technologies that use pressurized air to perform work and many cool mechanisms as you assemble the blaster from over 100 pieces.

After you've built and tested your blaster, slide it on and strap it to your wrist. Pull the hidden handle, and a scissor arm automatically lifts up the dart launchers. Take aim and pull the trigger to launch the first dart. Repeat to fire the second and third darts. Grab some additional darts from the reserve clip under your wrist and reload. The blaster is entirely powered by your hand and the amazing pneumatic system – no batteries or motors required!

Turn the dial to rotate the two outer launchers for a wider spread. Adjust the location of the wrist strap to fit almost all hands. A full-color, step-by-step manual guides you through assembling and using the blaster.

Plus learn fascinating scientific information about pneumatic systems and the physics of air. Compatible with many standard foam darts.

Additional Information

DIMENSIONS 280 x 255 x 120 mm
AGE 8+