‧Item no.: #6703

●Variety of card based activities increase the fun of block grabbing games.
●Classic daily life models: tricycles, motorcycles and spinning tops.
●Theme-oriented scenarios: flowers and fruits, vehicles, land and sea creatures, and festivals.
●13 quick, yet engaging, reaction based games!
●Encourage inter-generational play and communication.
●Collaborative development between therapists at Lukang Christian Hospital and Gigo.

Category: Learning Materials, Senior Lab


● Use this set and its different cards to facilitate cognition and eye-hand coordination for the elderly.
● Make a variety of cute models, and have fun with your companions!
● Assemble models of things from your past, recall memories and moments from earlier days and share them.
● Entertaining content for all ages. Grandparents and grandchildren can play, learn and build together.
●Inter-generational play encourages discussion of the past, and builds family ties.
●Build a selection of models from memory or follow the included instructions.

Additional Information

DIMENSIONS 445 x 240 x 210 mm
AGE 3+