[HolonIQ 2023 TAIWAN EdTech 50 Award announcement]

‌Congratulations to Gigo for being honored with the 'HolonIQ 2023 TAIWAN EdTech 50'!‌

HolonIQ, a leading global education technology research institution, annually recognizes the most promising and innovative EdTech companies by selecting the top 50 in the field. The 'Taiwan EdTech 50' is determined through a rigorous evaluation process, referencing international indicators and assessment methods. It assesses companies based on five comprehensive criteria: Market Competitiveness, Product Uniqueness and Impact, Team Professionalism and Diversity, Momentum, and Financial Soundness. The selected companies are those that demonstrate excellence in positively influencing the learning models and educational environments for future generations.‌

Gratitude to all the organizations and judges who have provided intellectual support and affirmation. We are committed to upholding the spirit of "transforming toys into teaching materials and teaching materials into toys," creating a novel space for joyful learning for children.‌