Gigo exhibit Nuremberg Toy Fair

About Gigo

Established in 1976, Genius Toy Taiwan Co., Ltd. (Gigo) develops, produces and markets educational block teaching aids to the world.  Gigo focuses on continuous innovation, developing new generations of products as educational needs arise.  Recently green energy, Bluetooth remote control functions, programming, and artificial intelligence have all become hot topics.  Gigo in these fields have received critical acclaim from the public and swept up the international science and educational awards.

Gigo Lab

With over 47 years of experience in developing teaching materials, Gigo launched the educational series – Creative Lab, Fun Lab, Learning Lab, and Senior Lab which we name as Gigo Lab.

Gigo Lab is designed as a modularized learning framework that aims to cover a full spectrum of science subjects while providing the required flexibility to comply with different countries schooling and curriculum systems.

Our mission is to help all kids enjoy learning about science through playing with our building blocks.  Let kids truly learn to love science while explore scientific theories and apply their knowledge to build models.  The lessons are designed step-by-step for different levels, from kindergarten to senior high school, and from easy to difficult.

Endorsed by many in the educational field, our educational concept, and our building blocks, are used as teaching aids at schools across Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea, etc.

Gigo Creativity Quotient Certification

Gigo CQ stands for Creativity Quotient certification. The World Forum ForGreenMech Promotion invites education experts from different fields to develop the CQ together.

Through creative building block models by the academic and skills tests, important mechanical principles can be understood.  Quantified learning results enable progress tracking, and easy to manage child development portfolios.

Certification is a framework for children to witness their own personal developmental milestones.  It can also stimulate children’s interest in learning and develop multiple intelligences.  They also acquire experience with creative thinking and hands-on practice.

The advantages of holding CQ certification:

1. Integrate local resources and develop scientific education by building a learning network.

2. Pairing of the brand with fun learning experiences develops mutual trust and sales growth.

We nearly can’t wait to begin the development of concepts and business with you.