‧Item no.: #7416R

● How the ultrasonic sensor works demonstrates the principle of radar.
● Bluetooth technology makes it easy to connect with smart phones and tablets.
● The visual programming application allows children to write their own commands to add functions to robots.
● The new battery box connects to the ultrasonic sensor and two motors.
● Requires 3 AA/LR6 batteries – not included.

#7416: EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

Product Features
● As well as detailed assembly instructions, the manual also includes principles and applications so that children can learn about sonar sensors and coding through play.
● Gigo’s technology department has adapted to modern trends by combining smart phones and tablets that allow users to download free apps that let them write their own programs.
● Each model can be linked via Bluetooth to smart phones or tablets and controlled using the companion app.
● This set contains the new 40X motor that allows models to run even more smoothly. The planetary gear structure of the motor gives robots a speed change function.
● This product includes machines, ultrasonic Sensor, Bluetooth technology, and app programming to give children a full educational experience.
● The characteristics of the blocks allow you to create a truly unique robot.
How to play
● The battery box’s unique design doesn’t include a switch; just lightly shake the model to toggle power. It automatically shuts off after a period of inactivity to preserve power.
● Use a smart phone or tablet and the companion app to write programs that allow the robots to automatically
execute missions or play music you compose.
● From action to innovation, add your unique experiences and thoughts and guide children to inject their unique
ambition and creative thinking to develop even more models and create their own robots.

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Dimensions 420 x 290 x 80 mm