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● Learn the ancient mechanism of siege weapons.
● Understand basic concepts of physics: force, energy and motion.
● The safety designed bolt powered by rubber band makes it safe to launch.
● Observe how the designs and power output have evolved and improved.
● 10 models: crossbow, trebuchet, catapult, etc.

Category: Technical Bricks, Experiments


In this kit you can build both crossbows and catapults.
A crossbow is a medieval type of "gun" like bow. With this kit you can build up to 5 different types of crossbows with different designs and technical constructions. The safety projectile is called a bolt. With an elastic rubber band you can pull back and get a power that can be released by pulling a tricker device that releases the bolt and it flies towards its target.
A catapult is a type of medieval trebuchet weapon that can shoot heavy objects and knock down Castles. With this kit you can build up to 5 different types and learn how they work and how advance the technical was to make it work. From a traction trebuchet to a counterweight trebuchet and to the most advanced trebuchet with a floating arm that provides max power to the object that you shoot.
The learnings of how technical advanced the Romans and other ancient societies where is ever interesting for most kids.

Additional Information

DIMENSIONS 255 x 280 x 65 mm
AGE 8+