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●Build 7 cute animals and 13 tracks, combining them to make the ultimate zoo!
● Illustrated English and Chinese story book provides a source of encouragement and creativity.
● Bright macaroon inspired color system.
● Movable pupils make eyeballs life-like. Children will enjoy exploring emotional expression through role-play.
● Two small balls and one capsule ball are included for children to discover the mysteries of weight, speed and gravity.

● Explore the zoo with the all new Junior Engineer theme – Zoo Track. Using a bright macaroon inspired color system, children will love creating the 7 cute animals and 13 tracks, combining them to make their own dream zoo!
● Gigo’s unique approach to learning through play incorporates a beautifully illustrated, dual language (English/Chinese) instruction manual. Children will be fascinated by the hand drawn artwork and fun stories that accompany each set of assembly instructions. As character models appear in the stories, learn through the immersive experience of building within a narrative.
● Sometimes Kevin the crocodile feels lonely, so he wants to become friends with other animals in the zoo. Can you suggest some ways that he can make friends?
● Gigo storybooks are used to guide children and introduce them to Gigo blocks. This develops their natural interest in assembly while unleashing their imagination and creativity.
● Large, colorful plastic building pieces make it easy for small hands to put the models together.
● As following the story, kids can build, fix, enjoy various models and experiment on multiple types of tracks, an engaging way to learn simple physics and engineering.
● Two small balls and one capsule ball are included to work with and verify the tracks. Put small ball or other materials inside the capsule ball to create different weights and discover the mystery of speed and gravity.

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Dimensions 370 x 170 x 240 mm