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● You can build 10 fun airplane models, each with individual and entertaining movements.
● There is an illustrated English and Chinese story book provided to encourage and guide children’s creativity.
● Improve children’s recognition of shapes and colors.
● Improve children’s eye-hand coordination and brain development.
● The movable pupils make the eyeball look life-like. Children can train their expressive skills by role-playing.

● The little engineer series new build theme “Flying Dreamer” allows the completion of 10 flying models such as the hang glider, helicopter, space shuttle and more.
● Gigo’s unique design includes an instruction manual filled with pictures and English/Chinese instructions. Aside from assembly instructions, the many hand-drawn stories depict the models as characters in stories so that children can play in an immersive experience.
● “Airplane Peggy is about to attend a performance in the sky festival. Can she complete her mission?” Kids, come and cheer for Peggy!
● Storybooks are used to guide children and introduce them to Gigo bricks to develop their interest in assembly while unleashing their imagination and creativity.

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Dimensions 370 x 170 x 240 mm