‧Item no.: #1042R

255 pcs per set
Yellow hexagon x 25 pcs
Red trapezoid x 50 pcs
Blue rhombus x 50 pcs
Green triangle x 50 pcs
Orange square x 25 pcs
Beige rhombus x50 pcs.
Activity card x5 pcs
Each set is packed in a plastic box with lock.

● Classify geometric shapes and understand their relationship to each other.
● Learn how to distinguish pattern and symmetry and develop problem solving skills.
● Develop a concept of fractions and relationship between divisions.
● Able to work with #1162.

Category: Learning Materials, Teaching Aid


With six different shapes in six different colors, children will be able to play for hours making pictures and patterns. Using basic geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, and hexagons children will be able to follow the five double-sided work cards as a guide. Learning step-by-step, children can see how the shapes fit together and work towards representing their own ideas using the pieces. The cards introduce the name of each piece, and encourage children to compare and contrast sizes and colors. The size ratio of the work card graphics to building blocks is 1:1 so even young children can join in by directly laying the blocks on top of the card for a soft start. Later they will be able to make their own changes and practice symmetry. More advanced cards urge children to undertake challenges involving multiples, and reflection. Set is compatible with #1162 to develop general awareness of geometric concepts and shapes.

Additional Information

DIMENSIONS 190 x 70 x 150 mm
AGE 3+