● Use Gigo Ultra Light system to build ornithopters that really fly!
● The patented flapping mechanism is powered by rubber bands and imitates how wings generate lift and thrust.
● 4 models: bird, butterfly, bat and dragonfly.

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This is where nature meets technology. An ornithopter is an aircraft that flies by flapping its wings. It imitates the flapping wing flight of birds, insects and bats.
The first mankind attempted to build a flying machine was based on the studies of birds flight. In 1485 Lenoardo da Vinci made his sketches of an ornithopter flying machine.
With this building kit you can build 4 different ornithopter types that simulate Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies & Bats way of using their wings to generate airflow & lift.
Using a wind up rubber band to generate rotation power that by double leaver arms is transformed into an up and down movement of a foil wing, makes it possible to make the aerodynamics that is needed to make power like a propeller and flies.
This kit is part of our nimble and fine “Bamboo” building system that is light enough to make flying creations. With different wing constructions and different foil designs you can get an understanding of how it’s possible for birds with 2 wings and insects with 4 wings, can make controlled flight.
The learning of how nature has solved the technological challenge to fly is amazing.

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Dimensions 330 x 65 x 225 mm