Gigo Connect-A-Cube
With Gigo Connect-A-Cubes, children can twist and turn cubes while learning spatial awareness and developing creative potential!

Gigo was founded in 1976 and has always put learning-through-play at the forefront of its design. The unique “One-Peg-Five-Hole” patent uses a “peg-to-hole” connection that is sturdy yet manageable in young hands. According to the mathematician Kevin L. Gong’s research, with only 16 blocks there are as many as 60 billion various ways they can be combined! Since the initial block design 43 years ago, Gigo has since developed 599 other types of component, filing more than 100 global patents. Most amazing of all is that all the systems and blocks in Gigo’s repository fit together perfectly, making the creative possibilities virtually endless!

With the cube, triangle, convex, concave shapes, and additional peg and peg remover, children can assemble whatever they can imagine. Using the additional pegs and peg remover, children can build their dream castle and much, much more.

Gigo Blocks Features
Gigo blocks have 3 primary properties:

  •  “Peg-to-hole” connection: “The most complex structures arise from simple, but effective building elements and principles.  Gigo’s cube is a primary element that allows almost endless creative possibilities.”
  • Hands-on learning-through-play: Give children the chance to develop their cognitive skills, while uncovering their creative potentials and unlocking new ideas.
  • Prepare to lead: Gigo blocks provide the opportunity for objectivity in design, creative thinking, and problem solving skills.

Gigo Blocks Functions

The colorful Gigo cubes are 2cm on each side, which is ideal for young hands. Children aged 3-6 can twist and turn to create any desired shape. The hands-on nature of the blocks stimulates cognitive processing and hand-eye coordination.

Children playing with Gigo blocks gain insight into the basic laws of mathematics, physics and engineering. They can also improve their fine motor skills, sense of balance, and integrated neurological functions. Building is fun, but can be challenging. Playing with Gigo blocks can help children cultivate patience, focus, imagination and creativity.

Who knows where it will end? With the stimulation from Gigo blocks your child might just grow up to become a great scientist, architect, or inventor!

Gigo blocks offer exciting, stimulating, fun, creative experiences that can be enjoyed alone or with friends. Visit far-away planets, be friends with animals of the sky and sea, create dinosaurs from prehistoric times or travel in a rocket through space. You and your children can enjoy a great time together as part of a family friendly activity!

Every Gigo block set comes with an instruction manual. In the beginning it might be best to follow the guide, to get some ideas, but later you will probably want to put it away as your imagination and creativity takes hold. Why not try letting the children create something, and then engage them in a discussion about what it is, and what it does? Once children become familiar with Gigo blocks, you will be amazed by their boundless creativity.