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1st Feb, 2017

Gigo Bricks for STEAM Education

Inventing and Innovating can be Learned


Learn STEAM through hands-on experiments

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) education is a global trend that is going to flip school curriculums with new teaching methods. This has become a challenging assignment for all schools. By launching a series of theme-oriented products, Gigo provides the best solution and teaching tools for STEAM education, which can be easily adapted into school curriculums.


The age of Young Makers

<S4A Programming Bricks> from Gigo Learning Lab series is targeted STEAM education that includes 40 courses for school semester. The package includes a maker control box that acts as the brain and direct link to PC to execute instructions from your own designed program and presents the results on own assembled model, a machine, a robot or a kinetic creature! The step by step manual guides students to start creating from imitation to innovation, and provides teachers thorough lesson plans. <Robotics Workshop> is another choice with different UI “GigoBlockly” (based on the open source “Google Blockly”) and more complex in construction for advance learning!


More Than Play and To Grow with Kids

STEAM education can be blended in daily life. From the age of 3, <Boat Engineering> allows kids to build 10 different boats and observe buoyancy science and its relation to different constructions, getting a general idea of simple physics while playing in bathtub at home. At the age of 6, attracted by various construction vehicles and imagining to be a junior engineer, <RCM Construction Vehicles> makes the kid’s dream come true by easy-manipulating IR control to 8 to 10 models, a try of gear transmission and differential like real cars. At the age of 8, <Pneumatic Robotic Arm> reveals the magic of industrial robotics application with 6 cool models, guiding basic mechanism and pneumatics that encourages experimental games and enhances problem-solving skills through the process. All parts in these packages are interchangeable for kid’s free creation!




Age Recommended Product Models Product Features
3+ <Boat Engineering> 10 l   10 different nice designed boats to be built and sail on water!

l   The full instruction manual is filled with pictures and English/Chinese complementary story.

6+ <RCM Construction Vehicles> 8+2 l   Infrared remote control of 3 DC motors with 6 directions.

l   Cool design shells and big tires give models realistic looks.

8+ <Pneumatic Robotic Arm> 6 l   Includes a pressure air tank with integrated pneumatic pump, an air-piston, air tubes and an air-valve switch.

l   Shape frames give models more realistic form design and the new claw concept with multi configuration.

10+ <Robotics Workshop> 10 l   Includes a smart control box with BT module, light sensor, touch sensors, ultrasonic sensor and servo motors.

l   Works with “GigoBlockly” (based on the open source “Google Blockly”) on tablets.

10+ <S4A Programming Bricks> 40 l   Includes a maker control box, light sensor, IR distance sensor, 360 degrees servo motors, 180 degrees servo motor, foolproof cable connectors and guide cards.

l   Works with “S4A (Scratch for Arduino)” on PC.


About Gigo

Gigo, from Taiwan, creates a world-class constructional bricks with unique patents. With the innovative idea “Make toys educational, and make education fun”, Gigo successfully expands into Europe, America and Asia and creates a new way of joyful learning.



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