We’re glad to share with you that Gigo #7442 Kids First Coding & Robotics has won 2018 Golden Pin Design Award (Product Design).

Kids First Coding & Robotics is a screen free coding set that combines onboard coding, model assembly and story-telling for STEAM learning.

Young children tend to make senses of the world through stories, and are encouraged to have hands-on play. Sammy, the leading character in this set, was inspired by a classic activity that is used to introduce students to computer science. Its sandwich appearance also closes the gap between young children and computer science.

There are 6 themed models to build and to interact through the output gear on the robotic base unit. Sammy the sandwich can open/close her arms to carry her friend around or give a spinning hug; Robbie the soccer player can move the ball and shoot; factory screwdriver machine can process and deliver the product. You can also switch to Math Mode to practice algorithm, a step-by-step way of solving a problem.

Illustrated manual is included, covering 30 lessons to support different levels of learners and meet CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards. Children can learn Sequences, Loops, Functions, Conditions, Events, Algorithms and Variables through playing and discovering.

Screen free does not narrow its programming capacity. More than 90 code cards can be used in a single program: 30 for main routine, 45 for three Functions sub-routines and 36 for Conditions sub-routine.

The robotic base unit is the core component that has

  • An optical scanner that reads pattern on code cards and executes the program on map cards.
  • An output gear that enables model interaction.
  • Colorful LED lights and sound effect to program freely according to story plots.